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Optical Glass Fibers

Optical Glass Fibers made out of borosilicate, autoclavable, for use in Medical Technology, Sensory Technology and for general illumination purposes.

We produce fibers with a diameter from 25 µm to 200 µm. We supply the fibers in bundles of 10 m to 1500 m on spools. Additionally, special dimensions (fiber diameters and bundle sizes) can be supplied according to customer specific requirements and wishes.

Optical Glass Fibers, Types

Click here for the technical data sheets of the various types of glass fibers

Type of Glass fiber Use Attenuation Transmission
GF 20, N.A.: 0,57 General Illumination GF20_Attenuation GF20_Transmission
GF 30, N.A.: 0,57 Sensory Technology, General Illumination GF30_Attenuation GF30_Transmission
GF 40, N.A.: 0,54 Medical Technology, General Illumination GF40_Attenuation GF40_Transmission
GF 50, N.A.: 0,54 Medical Technology (As GF 40, but with a different Core/Cladding ratio) GF50_Attenuation GF50_Transmission
GF 60, N.A.: 0,64 Medical Technology (Wide angle fiber with an aperture of 83°) GF60_Attenuation GF60_Transmission
GF 70, N.A.: 0,64 Medical Technology (As GF 60, but with a different Core/Cladding ratio) GF70_Attenuation GF70_Transmission
GF120, N.A.: 0,86 Medical Technology, Endoscopy
(Wide angle fiber with an aperture of >118° )

Other Products

• Plastic fibers, POF, on spools as well as the necessary processing tools.
• Spare parts for Endoscopy, Fiber cones, Solid glass cones, Fiber rods, Core/Cladding Rods for individual processing, replacement optical light guides and lenses (Registered utility model No. 20000567.7) for the flexible endoscopy.
• Insulating plastic tubing for fiber-optical light guides
• Hand held magnifying glasses with LEDs and 3 respectively 10 x magnification (US Patent 6,384,988 B1)